Pastor Ministering the sick*Currently Available ONLY in the Des Moines, Iowa Area

Serve Our Pastors is a business hub for pastors to receive services or products at a greatly reduced price.  Pastors across the nation make tremendous sacrifices to serve Christianity.  They lead, teach, inspire and serve, certainly not because of great pay, but because they are called by the Holy Spirit to make this sacrifice.  In this nation we are losing 1500 pastors a year because of several factors.  We intend to change that.

A Call to Christian Business Leaders….

As Christian business leaders we have the ability to advance God’s kingdom in the marketplace in so many ways.  We get to choose to operate our businesses on Christ-centered principals.  One of those principals is serving.  Our pastors in the nation make so many sacrifices for us and we want to say Thank You!  God has blessed so many of our businesses with abundance which is a direct result of operating our businesses on Christ-centered principals.  The businesses that are a part of Serve Our Pastors are committed to ensuring that our pastors know how much we appreciate them, by offering deep discounts and/or free service(s).  Our Services page lists businesses currently enrolled, as well as business types that we hope to be able to offer through this program. Once businesses sign up, the specific discounts and free services offered by each business will display.

How it works…

  1. Businesses enroll and commit to offering deep discounts and/or free service(s) to pastors
  2. Pastors enroll and receive their Serve Our Pastors discount card
  3. Pastors show their discount card at participating businesses and receive their discount